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Advanced Biotech Osseomold

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Bone Regeneration Material

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Advanced Biotech Osseomold

  •  Osseomold is o bio-compatible demenaralized   bone  derived   Type-I  collogon  for bone space  filling  purposes.  
  • The presence  of calcium  sulphate  hemi-hydrate helps to render molding  features for this  product



  •  Totally Resorsable - It  is  possible   to modvlote  the  resorption  time  to the regenerative need,  changing  tho  solid to fluid ratio,  Generally the  material is totally resorbed with-in   6-12    weeks.    Os.seomold    is   Osteo• indective   by  OMBM ond  moldoble   by  talcium sulphate  hemi-hydrate.
  • Osteoinductive &Osteoconductive - It is  possible  to  modulate  the  resorption time  to the  regenrative need,  changing  the solid to fluid rratio. The American  patented   technology odds better bio-compatibility  and bio-activity for this Osseomold
  • Cost Effective - Many bone  defects are large, and  extensive amounts of material are required.The high cost of other  effective bone regenerative materials  may discourage their utilization.Osseomold is relatively in-expensive for even large defects.
  • Ease of use - It is often  difficult to shape and place bone  filling Material. Irregular defect  shapes often  lead  to  the dislodgement   and  exposure  of the regenrative material.Osseomold has a  natural  cohesiveness  to  form sticky putty-like  consistency and can  be  easily  placed and molded to the defect shape.



  • STEP1 - Deposit the necessary quantity of the provided  in a sterile dish  and add  few drops  of sterile  saline  solution  or water.Mix  until the material has a pasty consistency.  If the mixture is too fluid, pat  it with sterile  guaze to absorb   excess  liquid.
  • STEP2 - Small  amounts   of  the  mixture  are  introduced  into  the  defect  successively in  portions.Each  layer  is  then  compressed with  a sterile spatula or gauze pad until the defect is slightly  overfilled.
  • STEP3 - Position the edges  of the gingival tissue and  suture.  No primary closure of the  Rap is neccssory, secondary  intention  healing will normally produce  on excellent result.


Package Contents

  • 2 vials - Each vial contains 0.25g(Total 0.5 g in 2 vials)

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